Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Come Fly With Me...

Oh, isn't aviation grand?! Whether they own their own plane or stylishly fly commercial, these stars know how to jet set!

Katharine going for the "Amelia" look.

Fred and Gene with their carry ons.

Audrey getting ready to board with baby Sean.

Does this woman every look bad? I want those shoes!

Constance Bennett going all out with the accessories.

Grace has her princess wave down!

My boy Howard and his H-1 racer.

A goodwill tour for Gone With The Wind perhaps?

Robert Taylor showing pilots how flying dapper is done.

This plane isn't headed for any cornfields.

Norma rocking the black gloves for her flight.

Veronique and Gregory Peck. 

Wallace Beery and his latest toy.

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