Thursday, March 22, 2012

Movie Star Houses: Then and Now

Bette Davis' House

Built in 1929, Bette lived here only a short time (the woman liked to buy houses). Located in one of my favorite Los Angeles neighborhoods, Toluca Lake. 
9918 Toluca Lake Ave. Los Angeles

Gloria Swanson House

I have been by this house located about 25 minutes from where I live. Built in 1926, Gloria loved to entertain here with oldie visitors such as Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Doris Day, and even President Nixon. It sold in 2009 for $3.2 million and was up for sale again in 2011 for 1.9 million. Times are tough.
Go see this fab Spanish style for yourself.
418 Cazador Lane, San Clemente

Marilyn Monroe's "Suicide" House

Why would you take a bunch of pills when you have such a fabulous backyard? This is the house where Ol' Norma Jean was found dead. Built in 1929 in cozy Brentwood, this house was listed in 2011 for 3.9 million. Not too shabby!
12305 5th Helena Drive, Los Angeles

Bing Crosby House

Bing and the fam lived here from 1936, when the house was built, until 1943 when they moved due to a fire that killed their dog and destroyed Bing's record collection. Bummer. 

Jean Harlow House

Miss Harlow lived in this Beverly Hills home during her "Hells Angeles" days and married Paul Bern in the living room. Built in 1929, this house is now owned by a doctor and it is rumored to be haunted but not sure by who. She was living in another house on Palm Drive at the time of her death. 
1353 Club View Drive, Los Angeles

Katharine Hepburn Connecticut Estate

In the Hepburn estate since 1913, this house went up for sale in 2011 for a fresh $28 million. Something about this house no longer being in this eccentric family makes me sad. Kat lived in this house until 2003 when she passed away. She even swam in the sound every morning rain, snow, or shine.

Judy Garland House

Judy lived in this house right after "Wizard of Oz" with her momma, grandmother, and sister. Built in 1938, this house which was just flipped and put back on the market for over $7 million, features 5 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. 
848 Stone Canyon Road, Los Angeles 

Lana Turner House

What a house! This is where Lana's daughter Cheryl stabbed Lana's boyfriend Johnny Stompanato to death. Some called it justifiable, some called it a conspiracy, but the house where all this went down is still around today (and looking beautiful!).
730 North Bedford, Los Angeles

These houses are all privately owned so no snooping allowed, but if you are in the area, a quick drive by never hurt!


FlickChick said...

That was a fun post - nice to see folks are keeping up the neighborhoods!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this! I agree. Something so reassuring about reminders of Hollywood's golden age still being out there (not a fan of 'new Hollywood'!). Jean Harlow's is a favourite of mine.