Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Bear Rug

What is it with bear rugs and leading ladies? This must have been the latest thing back in the silver screen days. So I must ask, when did the past time of lying on a bear rug and posing loose it's pizazz? Here are some of our favorite gals to enjoy...

Marilyn relaxing in a house of death.

Ann Sheridan on a rug on a rug.

The trend setter Jean

Jayne with a terrified cheetah and matching swimsuit

Don't mess with Lisbeth Scott and her polar bear!

Gloria Swanson on a humongous tiger rug

Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh yeah, I have a blog!

Turns out planning a wedding takes your mind away from movies and more toward invites and bridesmaid gifts and cake options. Even with a week off of work and a "relaxing" trip to Vegas I still have not found much extra time. What can you do. In the midst of my absent mindedness (is that a word?) let's take a look at a very absent minded but adorable movie, "Born Yesterday".

Judy Holliday stars brilliantly in this film with Bill Holden as her side kick. Judy plays Billie, a mobster's fiancee who follows him around, takes orders, gets yelled at, and knows nothing about nobody. Broderick Crawford plays Harry, her tough guy beau who is looking to get in with some slimeball congressmen in Washington DC. William plays Paul, a reporter who meets Harry and the gang during an interview. 

Harry wants Billie to meet some important people and act proper, but Billie isn't interested and really doesn't know how. Instead of talking politics she would rather sing and dance. She was a chorus girl at one time. She even had lines!

Harry tracks down Paul to teach Billie some manners and get her to know her way around. Paul says yes since he thinks Billie is a doll.

A very cute scene is when Paul asks Billie to read the newspaper and circle anything she doesn't understand. The next morning she has the whole paper circled, and mentions from time to time how she wants to circle Paul when he is talking!

During an early lesson, Paul and Billie kiss. Billie is keen on Paul, but Paul doesn't want to mess with a mobster's girl especially since this one is a real a-hole.

Paul takes Billie all over Washington DC and she starts to slowly learn and grow interest in all sorts of things, including Paul. 

Before you know it, Billie is on to Harry's scheming and knows he is a dirty rat. She wants no part in his business anymore. 

Tough guy Harry is so mean to Billie, that eventually Billie gets wise and is more educated than him! She begins to stand up for herself.

This is one articulate fight!

Paul is in love, but doesn't know what to do about Harry. Billie wants out but knows Harry won't let her go so easily. What to do? 

Judy starred in the Broadway version of this story and nailed it.  Surprisingly, Judy was almost last on the list for playing Billie in the film, but it turned out in her favor. Judy won the Oscar for her part.