Monday, May 21, 2012

Ready For Mr. Sandman Part II: The Bed

For part deux of ladies who lavishly sleep, lets take a look at some fantastic beds. Over the top? Never!

Liz at home in her larger than needed bed

Lucille and her quilted headboard

Doris with a bedside phone and quilted headboard..noticing a trend?

Joan Bennett going satin all the way

Sophia and her studded headboard

Constance Bennett with flowers and lace

Joan and her fringed pillows

Greta in "Camille". If you are going to catch tuberculosis,  you better have a good place to lie down.

Vivien and her canopy in "Gone With The Wind"

Norma Desmond and her boat bed

A horrible picture of an amazing bed with Ginger sleeping from "Top Hat"

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ready For Mr. Sandman Part I: The Nightgown

As I lay here in bed sick for the last few days looking disheveled I got to thinking about how stylish the ladies of the past looked as they began their nightly slumber. When did the days of satin and fur leave our bedtime routine? Yes, I own a robe that is pretty, but I certainly don't sleep in a lavish nightgown with all the fixings. But in the movies, and in the good ol' days, women glammed it up before they hit the hay.

Veronica draped in satin

Ann sporting some lovely bows

Carole in a more fitted ensemble

Claudette kicking it down a notch in "It Happened One Night"

Cary looking fabulous in "Bringing Up Baby"

Ginger looking fancy.

Jean, the most glamourus of them all.

Lauren ready to slide into bed

Carole rockin buttons, fur, and pleats!

Friday, May 18, 2012

"Orchestra Wives"

A friend of mine recommended that I watch "Orchestra Wives". I always like a good oldie recommendation, so the fiancee and I checked it out. If you like music, catty women, and characters who fall in love and get married after knowing each other literally 24 hours, than this is the movie for you!

Ann Rutherford plays Connie, a groupie-in-training who has the hots for horn player Bill (George Montgomery). 

She uses the soda jerk as a date to get to one of the band's shows. By band, I mean Glen Miller's band whom goes by the name of "The Gene Morrison Orchestra". Randomly, Jackie Gleason plays the upright bass. 

After the show, Bill sees Connie and wants a piece. She first says no, but after about 4 minutes of conversation she is in love. Bill invites her to his gig the next night and she hops on the bus to get there. When they won't let her in without a date, she acts true to groupie form and waits for him outside. When he comes out they meet, and in 10 minutes they are engaged. 10 minutes after that, they are married. Yeah, this is gonna work out...

"I married up!"

Soon, Connie meets the other wives and the gals can't believe Bill got hitched, considering he was a major playboy and ex honey to fellow band singer, Jaynie (Lynn Bari). Jaynie decides to break them up, and Connie learns what bitches the wives are.

When the band goes on tour Connie learns about Bill's past and his old relationship with Jaynie and heads out to suprise him like a true clinger. Can she handle the life of an orchestra wife? Will her and Bill's relationship last after the 2 day honeymoon phase? What about the other girls and Jaynie?

There is some great musical numbers in this film, and Glen Miller's band sounds great. Another treat is a fabulous number by the Nicholas Brothers. I never get tired of watching these guys dance. Amazing!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Closer Look At...

…David O. Selznick

 Born in Pittsburg in 1902.

  Studied at Columbia before moving to Hollywood to become an assistant story editor for MGM.

      Married the daughter to Louis B. Mayer in 1930 and divorced in 1948.

 Created Selznick International Pictures at distributed through United Artists.

   Went back to work for MGM after Irving Thalburg went ill.

   Known for Gone With The Wind, Rebecca, A Star Is Born, and the Adventured Of Tom Sawyer, to name just a few.

     Added the “O” in his name for no reason, and it represented nothing.

     Daughter committed suicide after jumping out a window in 1976.

     Nominated for 10 Oscars and won 3.

 Died in 1965 after a heart attack, he was only 63.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

I have to admit, I have been preoccupied watching re run after re run of Downton Abby. Once you get up in that show it's hard to get out! I did manage to squeeze in one of my favorite Cary Grant films, "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House". My Hollywood boyfriend stars in this adorable flick with Myrna Loy and Melvin Douglas.

Cary plays Mr. Blandings, or Jim to his wife Muriel, who is played beautifully by Myrna. Jim is in ads and they live with their two opinionated daughters in a tiny apartment in New York City. Oh, they also have a maid and a bird. Talk about cramped!

Love the art deco bathroom sconce!

Muriel gets the idea to redecorate which gets Jim into thinking about moving to the country. Bff Bill, who has a hand in everything and is Muriel's ex college beau, joins along. 

The house is in shambles, a real "fixer upper" but the Blandings see potential and decide without any inspections to splurge and buy the "historical" property. 

Right away Jim tells them they have made a mistake. The house needs new everything and Jim over payed. But the couple is in love with the house and hire inspectors to assess the damage. 

After the inspectors tell them to tear it down, they get to work on a new floorplan. 

They get way over excited and way over budget. Muriel insists on a flower room! Each imagine what their dream house would 
look like. 

Here is Muriel's:

Here is Jim's: 

Here is reality:

As the house progresses and Jim's check book gets thinner, problems arise involving just about everything. Jim needs a new Wham ham slogan or he is dust at work. Muriel gets friendlier with Bill, the daughters get snooty with their homework, and every possible issue comes up with building the new house. 

Finally the house is done. Or...almost done. But will their marriage survive the hassles of it all?  

Irene Dunne was set to play the female lead since Grant and her where always a blockbuster match. But she was busy. I think Myrna ended up the right choice in the end.

I love this film. There are so many cute scenes in this film. The bathroom door always locking people in, the drilling for water scene, the part where Jim finds the bill for Muriel's secret add on flower room that was vetoed due to budgets. The 1986 "remake" of this film, "The Money Pit" with Tom Hanks is also wonderful, and I never say that about an oldie being remade! Both films have great characters and make me laugh. But with Cary Grant in one of them, you know which one is my favorite.