Friday, May 18, 2012

"Orchestra Wives"

A friend of mine recommended that I watch "Orchestra Wives". I always like a good oldie recommendation, so the fiancee and I checked it out. If you like music, catty women, and characters who fall in love and get married after knowing each other literally 24 hours, than this is the movie for you!

Ann Rutherford plays Connie, a groupie-in-training who has the hots for horn player Bill (George Montgomery). 

She uses the soda jerk as a date to get to one of the band's shows. By band, I mean Glen Miller's band whom goes by the name of "The Gene Morrison Orchestra". Randomly, Jackie Gleason plays the upright bass. 

After the show, Bill sees Connie and wants a piece. She first says no, but after about 4 minutes of conversation she is in love. Bill invites her to his gig the next night and she hops on the bus to get there. When they won't let her in without a date, she acts true to groupie form and waits for him outside. When he comes out they meet, and in 10 minutes they are engaged. 10 minutes after that, they are married. Yeah, this is gonna work out...

"I married up!"

Soon, Connie meets the other wives and the gals can't believe Bill got hitched, considering he was a major playboy and ex honey to fellow band singer, Jaynie (Lynn Bari). Jaynie decides to break them up, and Connie learns what bitches the wives are.

When the band goes on tour Connie learns about Bill's past and his old relationship with Jaynie and heads out to suprise him like a true clinger. Can she handle the life of an orchestra wife? Will her and Bill's relationship last after the 2 day honeymoon phase? What about the other girls and Jaynie?

There is some great musical numbers in this film, and Glen Miller's band sounds great. Another treat is a fabulous number by the Nicholas Brothers. I never get tired of watching these guys dance. Amazing!

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wacky tacky said...

I love this movie! 40's films that are so of the time and include so much music make me happy. Did you catch Dale Evans devoid of her western garb?