Monday, May 21, 2012

Ready For Mr. Sandman Part II: The Bed

For part deux of ladies who lavishly sleep, lets take a look at some fantastic beds. Over the top? Never!

Liz at home in her larger than needed bed

Lucille and her quilted headboard

Doris with a bedside phone and quilted headboard..noticing a trend?

Joan Bennett going satin all the way

Sophia and her studded headboard

Constance Bennett with flowers and lace

Joan and her fringed pillows

Greta in "Camille". If you are going to catch tuberculosis,  you better have a good place to lie down.

Vivien and her canopy in "Gone With The Wind"

Norma Desmond and her boat bed

A horrible picture of an amazing bed with Ginger sleeping from "Top Hat"


Emma said...

These pictures are beautiful. As a Precode-lover, the shot of Jean Harlow lounging in her satin loveliness is my favourite.

Gabrielle said...

Every woman should be so lucky to own a glamorous bed like the one's you have pictured above.

Anonymous said...

Mistake on one of the pictures Lucille is Ann Sheridan.