Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Forever Darling" 1956

Hello friends! I am back from my honeymoon and what better film to watch than "Forever Darling" about a married couple. Throw in Lucille and Desi some technicolor and you have a
 cute picture about love and relationships.

Susan and Larry have been married for 5 years. Larry is a chemist working on a bug killing formula, and Susan holds down the house. Susan spends a lot of time with cousin and BFF Millie whom Larry can't stand. 

Even Amy, the maid, can't stand her!

Larry finds out he is packing up the wife and headed on a vacation/bug formula trial run trip and decides it is the perfect time to tell Millie what he thinks of her over dinner. Susan is left upset after a bed time fight about the evening. The couple yell and complain about the things they hate about each other.

Larry goes to sleep in the study and Susan sees what she thinks is a ghost. Or an angel. Or she needs to lay low on the booze. Suddenly James Mason appears and chases her around the room until she runs to Larry. She thinks she is loosing it, he thinks she is freaking out about their relationship and the next day things don't get much better.

Susan starts to see James everywhere and even goes to a shrink. After some long talks with her dad she realizes she has a guardian angel, who happens to look like James Mason. Now she's OK with it. 

As Larry and Susan try to work out some problems, James is there to give Susan support and advice, while Larry just thinks Susan is out of her mind. The time comes for the big vay-cay and Susan decides to be supportive and go along to help, thinking it might be a second honeymoon. First stop, Yosemite to camp out and kill some bugs!

What Lucy and Desi production wouldn't be fit without some cute comedy scenes? Lucy is in her prime as she tries to fish, helps pitch the tent, and has trouble in her sleeping bag.

The next morning it is time to try out the bug formula and find out if all of Larry's work was worth it. Things don't go to plan as the couple fight and capsize the boat. Luckily, James shows up to give Susan some life lesson advice and help to fix Susan and Larry's problems. 

This film was originally intended for William Powell and Myrna Loy, but it was shelved. This was the first Desliu film. Cary Grant was in line to be the guardian angle, but he wanted too much money. 


Anonymous said...

congrats on your marriage and welcome back from your honeymoon.

i really like this cute movie. you can't lose with lucy and desi.

wacky tacky said...

There are so many elements of this movie that are great (Lucy, Desi, Natalie, Louis, James, ets)....buuuuuut, I think it is kind of a stinker. Desi as a scientist???? Get back to the drummin'!!! It pains me to say it as much as love the cast and I LOVE LUCY. The best part is seeing the colors of the dress that she is wearing at the table in the photo above. That same dress made it into a couple episodes of "I Love Lucy," and it was always one of my favorites.

Emily said...

Thanks Alyssa! Looks like we outnumber Chris, because as corn-bally as this film is I love it. You really can't loose with L and D! I love the scene when Desi chews out Lucy's friends and the dinner table. I LOVE the dress you are talking about Chris, I actaully thought of you when I saw it :)

Anonymous said...

yeah i love that dress. sometimes corny just seems to hit the spot. i love the scene in the movies and after.