Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Light The Fireworks!

Hello fellow Americans! This year for the 4th I am unable to celebrate proper, being that I am on my honeymoon out of the country...but that doesn't mean The Affair needs to go without celebration!

Jimmy doing his civic duty

Ann Miller, pledging her allegiance to the flag. Nice cuffs!

Looks like Joan forgot to run after she lit that firecracker!

Matches, Betty. You need matches.

Wow! Marilyn posing in a bathing suit...what a surprise!

Mary Pickford, showing off her explosives.

Happy Independence Day friends! 
Be safe!


Elizabeth said...

All these pictures are amazing! Nice collection of 4th of July things - the picture of the lady being blown up is HILARIOUS!

FlickChick said...

Poor Joan - she had to make some awful publicity photos before she hit it big. Also, I think that is Clara Bow in the last shot looking mighty cute, as always.

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