Friday, August 31, 2012

Sheer Beauties

Since the time of Will Hays and his code, actresses have been baring as much as possible to get some attention in the pictures. (More on Hays and his codes coming soon...) These gals strutted around in see though gowns, but unlike now, 
they still looked classy.

Joan - stunning!

Mae, "...but I'm wearing a robe!"

Marilyn, "wait, my dress is see through?"

Sophia. Making Italians proud since 1950

Norma with a nip slip

Marlene rocking the sheer and sequins

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

"Blackboard Jungle" 1955

Summer is coming to an end which for teachers like me means getting back into the swing of school. What better than to watch on of the husband's favorite oldies, "Blackboard Jungle" starring Glenn Ford and Sidney Poitier among others.

Ford plays Richard, a war veteran who gets hired working at a "juvenile delinquent" school teaching English. Right off the bat he learns that the other teachers fear for their lives, the students are out of control, the principal is a hard ass, and that the only woman teacher is hot.

First day in and his class is already causing trouble. The call him "Daddy-o", smoke in the bathrooms, and throw a baseball at his head. A definite 180 from my teaching experiences...

After the first week Richard is exhausted. His wife Anne tells him to quit. She is pregges and in a very fragile condition after having miscarried in the past. Funny thing is, they go out to dinner and she drinks down glasses of champagne!

Richard, being the good teacher that he is, doesn't like how the rest of the teaching staff has given up on these boys. He wants to try to make a difference and keeps teaching. Things get worse before they get better. The student destroy a fellow teacher's classroom, mysterious notes are sent to Anne saying Richard is getting frisky with the female staff, and the boys beat Richard up in an alley before driving off. 

Richard finally sees a light at the end of the tunnel when he  gets though to the students during an in class discussion. Some of the boys start trusting him and are motivated to learn. Richard is feeling really good about himself.

While the classroom is changing for the better, a few students are still trying to cause mischief and put Richard in a life or death situation. The class is forced to choose which side to be on.

This picture was nominated for 4 Oscars (Cinematography, Art Direction, Film Editing, and Screenplay) but didn't win. The opening credits also feature music by  Bill Haley and the Comets which launched rock and roll after this film was released.

Listen in!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rita Is Stayin' Alive

A couple days ago my dad sent me an email with this video attached. Being that my dad rarely visits The Affair yet is the only one in my family who ever does, I thought it was cute that he was looking out for me. What is funny is that he sent it to me saying he didn't even watch it, but forwarded it because it said Rita Hayoworth. That being said, this is a cute 
tongue-in-cheek video of Rita rockin' out disco style.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

"Pat and Mike" 1952

In Spence and Kat's 7th film together they played athlete and sports promoter who join teams to make the best out Patricia's (or "Pat" as she prefers to be called) talents.

I love the oldies that have cartoons for titles!

Pat is dating Collier who is sure that Pat is not as great as she is. He wants her to quit the whole "I play sports" bit and get hitched. They both work at the university and play golf with their boss. Collier wants Pat to play easy since she tears it up on the greens so she can make the man look good. Pat gets irritated and shows them what she is really made of!

She gets flustered when Collier tells her to knock it off. Pat is sick of his crap, but instead of dumping him, she decides to take some advice and go out for the women's golf championship...and quit her job.

Pat ends up doing fabulous until Collier comes to watch. She can't do well when he is watching. Clear sign #2 she needs to dump him. Pat ends up catching the eye of shady sports promoter Mike (Tracy) and breaks into her apartment to pitch his idea of representing her.

Mike finds Pat half naked and tries to convince her to join his crew. He does have a client, the future (hopefully) heavy weight boxer named Davie played by Aldo Ray. Pat says hell to the no and Mike leaves. But Pat gets to thinking. Eventually she agrees and Mike learns not only is she fab in golf but she can play multiple sports!

Mike tells her no drinking, no smoking, no late nights, and no men! Pat is totally fine with this set up since she is getting tired of Collier. Icing on the lame cake? He sends her flowers that say, "Love from Collier who wants to make you jollier". Reason #3 to dump the guy.

 Pat gets to work and with Collier not around she starts to do well in golfing as well as tennis.

She does so well in tennis that she ends up going on tour and ends up playing at her alma mater where Collier is sure to be in attendance. She plays like a champ until she sees Collier and pals giggling on the sidelines. She has a tennis meltdown, a funny scene where Pat can't get the ball over the net and then faints.

Mike gets her motivated again and before you know it she is training again, but she is starting to get real cozy with her sports promoter and less with her boy toy.

This cute film is the favorite of Kat's films with Spencer. She was delighted to work on a film where she could play sports since she was an avid golfer as it was.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Charade" 1963

Why didn't anyone think about putting these two together before the 60's? Add Mr. Donen and you have an amazing film with twists and turns starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant.

Audrey plays Regina who is on vay cay and is being a Debbie Downer. She tells pal Sylvia that she is getting a divorce from her rich hubby. As she eats her breakfast, she meets Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome, Peter Joshua (Grant). They exchange a witty flirtation and are on their ways, but not without Reggie giving out her digits. Talk about wasting no time!

Before she knows it, Reggie learns her soon to be ex hubby has been killed, that he had several passports, conducted in funny business, and sold their entire household for cash which is missing. Reggie is left with nothing until Peter finds her and gives her some help.

Reggie is contacted by Hamilton Batholomew (Walter Matthau) who says he is with the CIA and wants the money back as her ex took what wasn't his. He thinks she knows where it is but she is clueless.

Reggie learns that the dead ex owed lots o' cash and it us up to her to get it back. All the ex had on him was a night bag with a comb, letter, wallet and some over night items. What is Reggie to do?

Although her things were sold, Reggie some how manages to pull off some fab Jackie O. type outfits courtesy of Mr. Givenchy. 

The pals go to the park to think things through when Reggie starts to be followed and thinks that Peter is also after this secret money. He starts to act shady and keeps changing his name, but really, how can you say to no Cary Grant!

Reggie gets into some beefs with some bad guys who are also after this money and Reggie doesn't know who to trust! And where is all this money?!

Reggie doesn't know who is telling the truth, or who is the one to believe. Peter Joshua? Hamilton Bartholomew? Before she knows it, people starting getting killed, and leave clues for her as she goes.

Before the end of this fabulous film, Reggie must find the money and learn who she can trust, all while falling in love...with someone! There are a few cute scenes amongst the cliff hangers, my favorite is where Cary Grant showers with his clothes on. So cute!

Cary Grant and others were concerned that the huge age difference between him and Audrey would throw people off, but it didn't because audiences were thrilled to see these two stars together. In my opinion, it is one of my favorite Stanley Donen films, and I love almost everything he touches!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012