Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Charade" 1963

Why didn't anyone think about putting these two together before the 60's? Add Mr. Donen and you have an amazing film with twists and turns starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant.

Audrey plays Regina who is on vay cay and is being a Debbie Downer. She tells pal Sylvia that she is getting a divorce from her rich hubby. As she eats her breakfast, she meets Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome, Peter Joshua (Grant). They exchange a witty flirtation and are on their ways, but not without Reggie giving out her digits. Talk about wasting no time!

Before she knows it, Reggie learns her soon to be ex hubby has been killed, that he had several passports, conducted in funny business, and sold their entire household for cash which is missing. Reggie is left with nothing until Peter finds her and gives her some help.

Reggie is contacted by Hamilton Batholomew (Walter Matthau) who says he is with the CIA and wants the money back as her ex took what wasn't his. He thinks she knows where it is but she is clueless.

Reggie learns that the dead ex owed lots o' cash and it us up to her to get it back. All the ex had on him was a night bag with a comb, letter, wallet and some over night items. What is Reggie to do?

Although her things were sold, Reggie some how manages to pull off some fab Jackie O. type outfits courtesy of Mr. Givenchy. 

The pals go to the park to think things through when Reggie starts to be followed and thinks that Peter is also after this secret money. He starts to act shady and keeps changing his name, but really, how can you say to no Cary Grant!

Reggie gets into some beefs with some bad guys who are also after this money and Reggie doesn't know who to trust! And where is all this money?!

Reggie doesn't know who is telling the truth, or who is the one to believe. Peter Joshua? Hamilton Bartholomew? Before she knows it, people starting getting killed, and leave clues for her as she goes.

Before the end of this fabulous film, Reggie must find the money and learn who she can trust, all while falling in love...with someone! There are a few cute scenes amongst the cliff hangers, my favorite is where Cary Grant showers with his clothes on. So cute!

Cary Grant and others were concerned that the huge age difference between him and Audrey would throw people off, but it didn't because audiences were thrilled to see these two stars together. In my opinion, it is one of my favorite Stanley Donen films, and I love almost everything he touches!


wacky tacky said...

There are a few movies that are absolutely perfect in every way, and this is one of them. The bad guys are creepy; the good guys are cool! The clothes are great; the music is awesome and the pairing of Cary and Audrey is DYNAMITE! I LOVE this movie!!! GOOD ONE!!!

FlickChick said...

This is about as perfect as it gets. It has it all and then some. Thanks for a moment of Cary & Audrey & Mancini & Donen in my day!

Anonymous said...

Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn were slated to do Roman Holiday and Sabrina together but Grant turned both down. it's hard to picture him in those roles now but i think this script was right for them.

HRF said...

I saw this movie ages ago. It really is a great film.

Emily said...

This is one film I always forget to watch, but when I do I remember it is so wonderful. Great acting, great directing, and Cary with grey hair! I'm with Flick Chick on this is about as perfect as it gets.