Friday, August 10, 2012

"Pat and Mike" 1952

In Spence and Kat's 7th film together they played athlete and sports promoter who join teams to make the best out Patricia's (or "Pat" as she prefers to be called) talents.

I love the oldies that have cartoons for titles!

Pat is dating Collier who is sure that Pat is not as great as she is. He wants her to quit the whole "I play sports" bit and get hitched. They both work at the university and play golf with their boss. Collier wants Pat to play easy since she tears it up on the greens so she can make the man look good. Pat gets irritated and shows them what she is really made of!

She gets flustered when Collier tells her to knock it off. Pat is sick of his crap, but instead of dumping him, she decides to take some advice and go out for the women's golf championship...and quit her job.

Pat ends up doing fabulous until Collier comes to watch. She can't do well when he is watching. Clear sign #2 she needs to dump him. Pat ends up catching the eye of shady sports promoter Mike (Tracy) and breaks into her apartment to pitch his idea of representing her.

Mike finds Pat half naked and tries to convince her to join his crew. He does have a client, the future (hopefully) heavy weight boxer named Davie played by Aldo Ray. Pat says hell to the no and Mike leaves. But Pat gets to thinking. Eventually she agrees and Mike learns not only is she fab in golf but she can play multiple sports!

Mike tells her no drinking, no smoking, no late nights, and no men! Pat is totally fine with this set up since she is getting tired of Collier. Icing on the lame cake? He sends her flowers that say, "Love from Collier who wants to make you jollier". Reason #3 to dump the guy.

 Pat gets to work and with Collier not around she starts to do well in golfing as well as tennis.

She does so well in tennis that she ends up going on tour and ends up playing at her alma mater where Collier is sure to be in attendance. She plays like a champ until she sees Collier and pals giggling on the sidelines. She has a tennis meltdown, a funny scene where Pat can't get the ball over the net and then faints.

Mike gets her motivated again and before you know it she is training again, but she is starting to get real cozy with her sports promoter and less with her boy toy.

This cute film is the favorite of Kat's films with Spencer. She was delighted to work on a film where she could play sports since she was an avid golfer as it was.


Pilar said...

Hi, It's the first time I visit your blog and I loved it. I love old things too. Spencer Tracy is one of my favorites. I have not got the oportunity to see this film, but I would love to see it. I am from PerĂº, I speak spanish, and I understand english, but writing is a little difficult for me. Saludos!!

Anonymous said...

great movie, would've been a sad world without Hepburn and Tracy.

FlickChick said...

I love Kate in this movie - she really seems to be the character.

Emily said...

Welcome Pilar! I like Spence, but I don't think he is one of my favorites. Now Katharine...
I agree with you Alyssa, I love all the Hepburn/Tracy films. I think Desk Set will always be my favorite, even though I think it is other people's least favorite.