Friday, September 28, 2012

A Closer Look At...

...Franz Waxman

Born in what is now Poland in 1906

Suffered from vision problems his whole life after a pot of boiling water fell in his eyes as a small child.

Worked on 1930’s The Blue Angel before heading to America to work on the score for Bride of Frankenstein in 1935.

Wrote the score for 4 Hitchcock films: Suspicion, Rebecca, The Paradine Case, and Rear Window.

Nominated 12 times, wining back to back awards of Sunset Blvd, and A Place In The Sun.

Composed concerts and founded the Los Angeles International Music Festival in 1947, which he headed for 20 years.

Known for his work in Humoresque, The Philadelphia Story, Peyton Place, and A Nun’s Story.

Worked for Universal, MGM and Warner Bros.

Married once until her death and had 2 children.

Died in 1967 at the young age of 60 in Los Angeles

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