Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bringing Up Baby 1938

When this film came out it bombed, but now over 70 years later this filmed is cherished by anyone who sees it. Starring my Hollywood boyfriend and oldie girl crush, this 1938 film is one of Howard Hawks' best.

Cary plays David, a zoologist who is about to marry a square with a bun. As they discuss the reasons why they will not be having children, Cary goes off to play golf with a lawyer for a lady who wants to donate a million dollars to the museum. 

As he plays golf, he spots goofball Susan. Before you know it, she has crashed his car thinking it is his car. She is so sorry. 

That night David runs into Susan again, and wants nothing to do with her. She eats olives and makes David trip. He wants her to leave him alone, Susan is in love. 

A cute scene takes place where Susan rips David's coat and then says, "You tore your coat." David accidentally rips Susan's dress next and the remainder of the scene is a laugh. 

David learns that Susan knows the lawyer that David so much wants to impress. They go to his house but throw rocks at him instead and ruins David's chances at the money. The next day David gets a call from Susan asking him if he wants to see her leopard she just got from her cousin. David thinks she is nuts and has no interest, but Susan tricks him into coming over. 

Kat really touches the leopard in this scene. The trainer was so impressed with Kat's calmness around the leopard. Cary on the other hand didn't want to be near it and had to use a split screen and doubles. 

David is scared when he sees "Baby" but Susan tells him that the leopard loves music!

 Susan decides to take Baby to her farm house and needs David's help. David wants to leave her and Baby because he is planning to get hitched that day! Susan suckers him in. As they drive, Susan runs into a chicken truck and Baby goes wild (pun intended). 

With feathers all over David and Baby's tummy full, they make it to the farmhouse. As David takes a shower so that he can meet his boring bride-to-be, Susan sends his clothes out so he will have to stick around. When he gets out all he has is her robe. Classic scene!

Soon he learns that the lady with the million dollars is Susan's aunt! She walks in to David in a ladies robe acting off his rocker. What a great first impression!

 Meanwhile, Susan's dog George has taken David's dinosaur bone and buried it. Susan and David must dig to find it.

As the movie goes on Baby escapes and the two go off to find him. After disrupting neighbors and singing songs to lure Baby, they are arrested for disturbing the peace.

Not to worry, silly Susan will talk her way out of it. She escapes and tries to find Baby.

 You might be wondering what happens to the fiancee...she finally catches up to David and can not believe his shenanigans! What kind of serious scientist can he really be?

We're through!

After a jailhouse fright and some heavy explaining, David is able to get back to work at the museum but without the million dollars. He has lost his bride and is afraid Susan is going to rally him into more trouble when she comes to visit him and let him know she found his dino bone!

Up the ladder she goes and David realizes he really loves all the excitement and that he is in love. She tells him she has acquired the million dollars and wants to donate it to the museum.  As they proclaim their happiness, Susan makes another boo boo.

Oh Susan! This slap stick is famous for the tumbles and talking over one another tactics. It is quick moving and terribly funny. You almost have to watch it more than once so you can catch all the excitement! 


Marcela Costa :} said...

This was my first Katharine Hepburn movie, so it's super special to me. I still don't understand why it wasn't a hit when it was released, it's such a fabulous flick!

Emily said...

Me neither Marcela! It is such a creative movie and nothing beats Cary Grant or Kat Hepburn.

Kate Gorman said...

It was my Katharine Hepburn movie, too! I have watched it twice this month. I love it, it's such a feel good movie! xx