Sunday, April 21, 2013

Keeper Of The Flame 1942

What better for a Sunday afternoon than a Spencer and Kat flick, their second together. This film stars Spence as newspaper journalist Stevie O'Malley, who has just come back from Europe to research and write about an American hero, Forrest, who has just died. Forrest's wife (Kat) won't see any reporters. 
Stevie starts to snoop around the estate and stumbles upon the gatekeeper's son. He is sad and after some buttering up he tells Stevie how to get into the house. Naturally, Stevie breaks in.

"Who the hell are you?"

 Mrs. Forrest spots Stevie and doesn't tell him to leave.       (I mean, he may be there to kill her for all she knows but he's kinda cute after all...)

Stevie tells her he wants to research and write about what a swell guy her hubby was but she has no interest. He leaves.

After some coaxing, Mrs. Forrest decides to meet with Stevie and they start to learn about each other. Mrs. Forrest learns Stevie is a huge admirer of her dead hubby, and Stevie starts to suspect something is up when it comes to how he died. 

We learn that Mr. Forrest had some assistants who were to get "a key" and destroy some "paperwork". Mrs. Forrest knows all about this too and is not about to give it up. Stevie starts to think that maybe Mrs. Forrest killed her man because she was having an affair.

Eventually Stevie is lead to Forrest's mother, who seams like a nut job but might contain the truth. She is interrupted while spilling the beans when Mrs. Forrest comes in and shuts her up.

Stevie learns possibilities of an affair are out of the question and more sneaky business is being done on the Forrest estate. 

Stevie finds Mrs. Forrest burning more documents and she finally tells him the truth, and that she loves Stevie, and that she wants him to write the book about the man that Forrest really was. Before you know it, some of Forrest's people find them together and try to bust in.

Shit goes down and someone doesn't make it out. What will happen next? Go watch this picture and find out! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Leave Her To Heaven 1945

My good pal Mr. Tiny over at insisted I watch one of his faves. Starring Gene Tierney and Cornel Wilde, this film as enough lust, deception, and evilness to keep any oldie film lover very happy. Add amazing 40's outfits and the great outdoors, and you have a winning film!

Cornel Wilde plays Richard, a handsome novelist who is about to meet his next love. Gene is Ellen, who is riding the train for a holiday. Well, sort of. Her dad that she idolizes just died, and she is going up to scatter his ashes...and a holiday.

Before Ellen has the time to flirt, she insults Richard's book, stares at him like a freak, and tells her he looks like her dad. Nothing like a first impression.

How amazing is this train car BTW? I want my house to look like this!

Turns out Ellen's family friend also has another guest, no other than Richard. Oh goody! Richard also meets mother and hottie adopted sister Ruth played by Jeanne Crain.

I thought you were supposed to wear black after a death?

 Before you know it Ellen is in love. Problem #1 is that she is already engaged. She dumps that fool the curb. Problem #2 is Richard hasn't exactly asked her out on a date let alone to marry. So she goes ahead an announces their plans to get hitched to the family. Done.

Richard thinks Ellen is pretty swell so he goes with it. Ellen learns Richard has a kid bother, Danny, who is ill and can't walk, or as Ellen puts it, "a cripple". Ricahrd owns some land called "Back of the Moon" and Ellen decides to bring Danny with them thinking it will bring her and Richard closer.


I. Want. This. Outfit.

Soon Ellen realizes she has no time alone with her man. It's annoyong how Danny (who can walk now) is always around. She has no privacy with her husband. Poor Ellen. She tries to get Danny to go away but it doesn't work. Before you know it Ricahrd has invited her family over for a stay. Ellen is pissed.

When her family finally leaves (early of course since Ellen pitched a fit) she tries to get Danny to go along with them for a few weeks so she can have some sexy time with Richard. Danny objects so Ellen thinks of a better plan.

Danny and Ellen go out on the lake one day as Danny is trying to swim across for bragging rights. Things go wrong and Ellen watches as Danny cries for help.

To help or not to help...hmmm...

Before you know it Ellen is knocked up and makes it very clear it's only to make Richard happy. She notices her sister getting chummy with her man and gets mad when they go shopping for baby stuff without her. Talk about territorial!

Ellen tells Ruth that she wishes she didn't have this fetus so that she could spend more time with Richard and to back off her husband!

Ruth leaves the room and Ellen has a terrible "accident" down the stairs. 

When all of Ellen's plans go wrong and Richard is still not giving her the obsessive attention she craves there is not much left to do but to off yourself. Can she go through with it? What will happen to Richard? Will Ruth swoop in if she's out of the picture? Ony one way to find out!

Mixing poison always goes best with embroidered monogrammed towels. 

This film is full of deception, murder, and style. I loved it!  Rita Hayworth was intended for the role but turned it down. I think Gene plays the part beautifully. She is gorgeous in this film even though she is evil. Critics agreed as she was nominated for an Oscar for this role. (She was beat out by Joan Crawford for Mildred Pierce)

Sunday, April 14, 2013