Sunday, April 21, 2013

Keeper Of The Flame 1942

What better for a Sunday afternoon than a Spencer and Kat flick, their second together. This film stars Spence as newspaper journalist Stevie O'Malley, who has just come back from Europe to research and write about an American hero, Forrest, who has just died. Forrest's wife (Kat) won't see any reporters. 
Stevie starts to snoop around the estate and stumbles upon the gatekeeper's son. He is sad and after some buttering up he tells Stevie how to get into the house. Naturally, Stevie breaks in.

"Who the hell are you?"

 Mrs. Forrest spots Stevie and doesn't tell him to leave.       (I mean, he may be there to kill her for all she knows but he's kinda cute after all...)

Stevie tells her he wants to research and write about what a swell guy her hubby was but she has no interest. He leaves.

After some coaxing, Mrs. Forrest decides to meet with Stevie and they start to learn about each other. Mrs. Forrest learns Stevie is a huge admirer of her dead hubby, and Stevie starts to suspect something is up when it comes to how he died. 

We learn that Mr. Forrest had some assistants who were to get "a key" and destroy some "paperwork". Mrs. Forrest knows all about this too and is not about to give it up. Stevie starts to think that maybe Mrs. Forrest killed her man because she was having an affair.

Eventually Stevie is lead to Forrest's mother, who seams like a nut job but might contain the truth. She is interrupted while spilling the beans when Mrs. Forrest comes in and shuts her up.

Stevie learns possibilities of an affair are out of the question and more sneaky business is being done on the Forrest estate. 

Stevie finds Mrs. Forrest burning more documents and she finally tells him the truth, and that she loves Stevie, and that she wants him to write the book about the man that Forrest really was. Before you know it, some of Forrest's people find them together and try to bust in.

Shit goes down and someone doesn't make it out. What will happen next? Go watch this picture and find out! 

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