Monday, July 15, 2013

Perfectly Polished

Nails are all the rage right now but don't be fooled, our ladies of the silver screen where all about their perfectly polished fingers. And if you ask me, I'll take red nails any day!

Courtesy of LIFE magazine

Bette polishing away.

Carole concentrating

Joan and her half moons

Rita files away

A fabulous scene in a fabulous film with Rosalind Russell and Dennie Moore 

Don't mess with Joan and her fabulous talons!

Audrey and her perfect manicure

Friday, July 12, 2013

On An Island With You 1948

In the wake of Esther Williams death (June 6th) TCM played a 24 hour marathon. Did anyone watch? I ended up recording all of them and am slowing enjoying her films again. On An Island With You was her 12th film and a good one at that.

Esther is Roz, an actress who is filming a movie in the South Pacific with actor boyfriend Ricardo (Montalban). They slather her in self tanner and throw a sarong on her and off they go.

For continuity they bring in Lieutenant Larry (Lawford) to make sure they film looks legit. Little does Roz remember, but Larry met her a few years back and has had an obsessive crush on her every since. He makes this very clear early on. Roz wants nothing to do with him.

He vents his frustrations to assistant director Buckley (Durante) who helps him out best he can. Cyd Charisse is there too as Yvonne who seems depressed.

I would kill Cyd for this peasant top off her back!

Larry films a scene where he flies Roz around the island. When they yell, "cut" they realize Larry has flown away with Roz in tow! He takes her to the island where they met and tries to suck some face with her. She goes from mad to understanding to happy to irritated. Make up your mind woman!

One must not forget their orange lipstick when 
heading to the tropics.

The crew finds Roz and Buckley goes off to find Larry who is hanging out with the natives. Ricardo is furious but Roz starts to have a change of heart. Larry is still crazy about Roz, and doesn't seam worried that he is going to be arrested for kidnapping!

Roz still wants to marry Ricardo but she starts to question her love. Even a romantic synchronized swim can't get her mind of the current events. 

You will have to watch this cute film to see who Roz picks. But really it is a no brainer, who wouldn't want Peter Lawford?! This film is true to form with colorful dances, amazing wardrobe, and Esther swimming her heart out. I couldn't find any evidence, but Xavier Cugat has a beefy role in this film as himself naturally and is great. I love films with him and his band! A must see!

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Palm Beach Story 1942

Gerry (Claudette Colbert) and Tom (Joel McCrea) are six years into their marriage and broke. 

 Gerry is home when the landlord brings over new tenants since they are being shoved out for unpaid rent. Turns out to be the weenie king, and old, deaf man who takes a liking to Gerry when he runs into her in the bathtub in her wrap!

 The weenie king thinks she is a cutie and gives her $700 to pay off her dues. She is ecstatic and pays the bills, gets her hair done and buys a new dress. Hubby Tom comes home and is irritated at her new found wealth and the way he thinks she earned it.

Now that the bills are paid they can get a divorce according to Gerry. They think they are unhappy together and Gerry wants to use her looks to get money to help Tom's business. He thinks she is crazy.

The next morning she shoves out and runs away to Palm Beach to get a divorce and meet a rich guy to give her money. Tom wants to chase after her but he has no money. Good thing the weenie king turns up and gives him the cash! He plans to meet her at her in Palm Beach with open arms. 

Mean while, Gerry uses her hotness to score a ticket on the train for free. This ticket comes with a price, she is followed around by a mob of crazy drunk hunters who sing songs and shoot out train windows. 

 The conductor leaves the rowdy bunch's train car on the tracks and takes off, but that includes Gerry's purse, makeup, clothes and ticket! She is trapped in her train bunk with noting but men's pajamas. As she is fixing how to get out of this mess, she meets her bunk neighbor and breaks his glasses. Fail.

He is forgiving and wants to help Gerry. He buys her lunch and she gets off at the next stop wit him and he spoils her with a new wardrobe and diamonds! Who is this guy? He is sweet, apparently rich, and quiet the OCD case. He writes all his expenses in a notebook for organization.

 He's planning to get to Palm Beach by boat and asks Gerry to go wit him. She does and finds out he is J.D., one of the richest men in the world, and a bachelor to boot! He is meeting his 5 time divorced sister Princess Centimillia and her latest boy toy. Guess who is also waiting at the dock? Tom, with roses.

The four meet and Gerry tells the gang that Tom is her brother! He goes along with it but is mad. 

Rich J.D. is falling for Gerry and Gerry realizes she is still in love with her hubby.

Gerry is in a pickle. If she marries J.D. she is set for life and Tom can get his business going too (J.D. and his get buddy buddy and make a quick business deal) But she won't have Tom, and Princess Centimillia is taking quite a liking to Tom as well. Should she choose for her pocketbook or her heart? 

The plot of this film is weird and so unrealistic. But the costume design is great and I love a good Claudette film. Silly but fun viewing!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy America Day!

Happy Fourth of July from The Affair!! 

Be safe with that firecracker Bette!!

Carefree 1938

The 8th pairing of Fred and Ginger brings us "Carefree" co-starring Ralph Bellamy. Fred is Dr. Tony, a psychiatrist who is asked by Stephen (Bellamy) to analyze his fiancee Amanda (Rogers). 

Amanda keeps putting of the wedding, so Tony takes a look. Before he meets her he takes down a few oral notes predicting her behavior...they aren't nice.

Amanda is all for the visit but once she is left alone and stumbles on Tony's notes she is furious! The visit does not go well and Amanda now loaths Tony. After some persuading, Tony agrees to see her again. This time at the country club, where Amanda mocks Tony when she sees him play golf.

Tony finally realizes why Amanda is so mean to him when they meet  up for a bike ride. She tells him how she listened in on his message, and Tony apologizes. Then they become pals and Tony tries to find out why Amanda won't marry Stephen.

I want her bike riding outfit!

After some analyzing and dancing Amanda agrees to try a dream technique to dive into her subconscious. 

Take a minute and look at this room! Murals over the fireplace, rounded puff couch, oh my!

The next scene takes us to the restaurant where Tony orders "dream inducing foods" I love this scene! They order lobster with "gobs" of mayonnaise, shrimp cocktail with whipped cream, and cucumbers with buttermilk! The waiter can't believe it. 

 Instead of ralphing, Amanda dreams...but of Tony! This fun dreams sequence has them frolicking in a garden with the classic Warner Brothers painted backdrops.

When she wakes up she very well can't tell Tony that she dreamed about him. Eventually Amanda spills the beans that she is in love with Tony and he freaks out. He is trying to get her to marry Stephen! He talks her into letting him hypnotise her to hate him and love Stephen and it works. Trouble is, she gets out while still under and does a radio spot while under Tony's spell! What a mess.

Just like the eye dress Rosalind Russell wears in "The Women", I will someday re-create this top!

In the process, Tony has some self reflection and realizes that he loves Amanda too. But is it too late? He has already convinced Amanda that she loves Stephen!

Before the wedding Tony must decide if he wants to set the record straight or let Amanda marry Stephen under her arranged spell.

Nominated for three Oscars without a win, this picture is cute and as delightful as any Fred and Ginger show. I favorite in my book!