Thursday, July 4, 2013

Carefree 1938

The 8th pairing of Fred and Ginger brings us "Carefree" co-starring Ralph Bellamy. Fred is Dr. Tony, a psychiatrist who is asked by Stephen (Bellamy) to analyze his fiancee Amanda (Rogers). 

Amanda keeps putting of the wedding, so Tony takes a look. Before he meets her he takes down a few oral notes predicting her behavior...they aren't nice.

Amanda is all for the visit but once she is left alone and stumbles on Tony's notes she is furious! The visit does not go well and Amanda now loaths Tony. After some persuading, Tony agrees to see her again. This time at the country club, where Amanda mocks Tony when she sees him play golf.

Tony finally realizes why Amanda is so mean to him when they meet  up for a bike ride. She tells him how she listened in on his message, and Tony apologizes. Then they become pals and Tony tries to find out why Amanda won't marry Stephen.

I want her bike riding outfit!

After some analyzing and dancing Amanda agrees to try a dream technique to dive into her subconscious. 

Take a minute and look at this room! Murals over the fireplace, rounded puff couch, oh my!

The next scene takes us to the restaurant where Tony orders "dream inducing foods" I love this scene! They order lobster with "gobs" of mayonnaise, shrimp cocktail with whipped cream, and cucumbers with buttermilk! The waiter can't believe it. 

 Instead of ralphing, Amanda dreams...but of Tony! This fun dreams sequence has them frolicking in a garden with the classic Warner Brothers painted backdrops.

When she wakes up she very well can't tell Tony that she dreamed about him. Eventually Amanda spills the beans that she is in love with Tony and he freaks out. He is trying to get her to marry Stephen! He talks her into letting him hypnotise her to hate him and love Stephen and it works. Trouble is, she gets out while still under and does a radio spot while under Tony's spell! What a mess.

Just like the eye dress Rosalind Russell wears in "The Women", I will someday re-create this top!

In the process, Tony has some self reflection and realizes that he loves Amanda too. But is it too late? He has already convinced Amanda that she loves Stephen!

Before the wedding Tony must decide if he wants to set the record straight or let Amanda marry Stephen under her arranged spell.

Nominated for three Oscars without a win, this picture is cute and as delightful as any Fred and Ginger show. I favorite in my book!

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