Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Sign Of The Times

Not too long ago I got to see my dear friends Tiny and Mary (over at sing at the Pomona Packing House grand opening. I also stumbled upon the Museum of Neon Art storage unit. This warehouse is currently home to hundreds of old and new neon signs from all over California. As I walked through I noticed tucked in the back was the one and only Grauman's Chinese Theater sign.  

Before the sign was added

Pictures courtesy of The LA Times Past

 Grauman's Chinese Theater opened in 1927 but the neon dragon signs were not added until 1958.  The signs were torn down in 2001 as a plan to restore the theater to it's original facade. One of the dragon signs was left outdoors to rot and the other sign went temporarily missing! The signs are now at the MONA. It was really special to see a bit of history, and even more fun when you least expect it. The director of the MONA, Kim Koga, told me that they are hoping to restore the sign and had recently been receiving phone calls from some "very important people" who she is thinking might help with the restoration, since it will cost thousands of dollars due to their condition. We shall see! If you would like to visit this amazing space (which also houses the original Brown Derby neon light hat) you must check it out! You can even take an 8 week class to become a "bender" or as we know it, a person who makes neon signs. The museum's physical building will be in Glendale with hopes to open soon.

Check out more at: and read up here for an article I found in the Glendale News Press.

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Closer Look At...

...Ann Sheridan

Born Clara Lou in Texas, 1915

 Youngest of five children

Was entered into a beauty contest by her sister in college where she won. Part of her prize was a cameo in a Paramount film. 

Worked bit parts at Paramount including time as a hand and leg model before heading to Warner Brothers

Is said to have received as many as 250 marriage proposals in a week.

Was Max Factor's "Girl of the Year" in 1939

Worked with Bette Davis, Ronald Regan, Bogie, James Cagney, and Errol Flynn to name a few.

Married and divorced three times

Was known as the "Ohmph Girl", which she hated.

Was a strong Republican

Died at age 51 of cancer.