Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thrill Of A Romance

Will I ever tire of Esther William's? Once I think I have seen all of her films, another one sneaks in and I am happily taken away into technicolor land.

In Thrill Of A Romance, Esther plays Cynthia, a swimming instructor who falls for a handsome rich guy who gives no indication in the 20 hours they court that he has time to be married. Things seem swell, so they get hitched and off they go on their honeymoon.

Why didn't I think to wear a khaki wrap dress with a leopard print scarf belt on my honeymoon?! And I seriously want this wallpaper in my bedroom.

 It's their wedding night and the newly minted husband gets a call to work and takes it! Esther is left alone on vay cay as hubby of the year promises to come back soon.

Bummed out, Esther takes to where else - the pool! Here she meets stylish Maude, who's father just happens to be her newlywed's boss! They strike up a friendship and Esther helps Maude search for a man. 

It's photo stills like this that make me irritated that I can't live in a make believe world of turn of the century painted backdrops and colorful sets. Everything about this is magical. Tassel umbrellas, multicolored lounge chairs, swirly blue pool decks, vintage pony pool toys...and check out those tie up sandals! 

Before the night is over Esther finds herself crying on her balcony and roaming the grounds where she meets hunky war vet Thomas played by Van Johnson. 

Esther gives him the scoop on her awesome marriage situation and he is pitifully in love. Lucky for him, there is plenty of time for the two to hang out, as Esther's husband is kept away on business much longer than expected. 

Esther doesn't want to fall in love with someone else, she'd rather be happy with man #1. But after a week of someone of the opposite sex giving her attention she falls hard. Now what to do about the loser hubby who BTW only calls her like twice and can't understand why Esther is so peeved!?

Van is thinking...How can I swoop in and make this my honeymoon?

Esther and Van go on a walk when they get lost in the forest and are forced to spend more time together that expected after dark only to find out Esther's husband has returned and is looking for her!

This film is full of swimming, bathing suits, bright colors, and Esther being cute. I loved it! There is also a beefy part for Tommy Dorsey and his famous band, including a cameo by his talented daughter who rocks out on the piano.