Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Closer Look At...

....Ralph Bellamy

Born in 1904 in Chicago

Ran away at 17 to join a band of Shakespearean players

Became an acclaimed theater actor before jumping to film

Helped found the Screen Actor's Guild and served as president

Helped found and rally the Actor's Equity, which helped actors during the black listing years

Was married four times, three ending in divorce

Famous for the roles in movies such as, "The Awful Truth", "Carefree", "His Girl Friday", and "Rosemary's Baby". And who can forget his awesome performance in "Trading Places" with co-star Don Ameche?!

Played many types of characters but set the standards for the "boring, push over" types. He lost his gal in movies to the likes of Cary Grant.

Owned his own stock company for four years called the "Ralph Bellamy Players" 

Died at the age of 87 in Santa Monica