Monday, March 19, 2012

For Me? Why Thank You!

Thanks to Monty over at ALL GOOD THINGS for the 7x7 Award!
Yes, this was over a week ago, but that is what wedding planning does to you. I am very honored, since Monty was my first non relative to follow my little blog. This award comes with some rules, they are as follows:

1. Tell the little people out there in the dark something no one knows about.

Something no one knows is that I never cry at movies. Never. Except one. It's random and not an oldie, and I have no idea why, but Tim Burton's "Big Fish" got the water works going. I loved the ending of this film, it is sweet and beautiful. Go check it out.

2. Link on of my posts that I personally best fits the following categories: most beautiful, most helpful, most popular, most controversial, most surprisingly successful, most underrated, and most pride-worthy.

Most Beautiful: Not sure what makes a blog post beautiful. Maybe one with Audrey Hepburn in it, since she is perfect.

Most Helpful: I try to make all my posts helpful, without giving the best parts of films away. I would be so stoked if I knew readers, or a singular reader, went out and watched a movie I blogged about that they have never seen. 

Most Popular: Easy, the post I did about the MGM lion(s). What a hit! I have over 18,000 page views on this post. I even had a journalist call me about this piece to confirm some facts. I did tons of research on this topic before I posted it. Either people really like this topic or many children are Googling lions for school!

Most Controversial: I try to stay away from mixing the pot. This is a fun blog after all. I do get anonymous comments correcting my little mistakes. I like that because I try to be as accurate as possible with facts and spelling!

Most Surprisingly Successful: I am going to base this award on the number of comments it received. My post on "Life With Father" got some people talking. I didn't like this film, but I guess I was alone on that thought.

Most Underrated: This is like saying the post I liked the most that others mihgt not have. That would be my Mack Sennett Bathing Beauties post. I loved writing this and I have always been intrigued with these ladies. It was the first projected "sex sells" campain that I can think of!

Most Pride Worthy: I would have to say "The Women", because it is my favorite film, I waited forever for the right time to blog about it, and because since I have seen it umpteen times, I figured I know a lot about it!

3. Pass this award to seven other bloggers. 

Well number three won't happen since I lag. Most people, at least in the film blog scene, already have one. This is of course because so many of my blog friends out there have fabulous blogs!

 Here is one for a very deserving blog:

Mr. Tiny from Wacky Tacky.

This blog is amazing! I am not just saying that because he is a good friend of mine. From kitschy roadside stops to fun music and old movies, his blog keeps getting better and better!

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wacky tacky said...

Wowza! Thank you so much! I thought the only only award for which wacky tacky would be eligible could only be issued by The Gong Show!! You know we love The Silver Screen Affair and consider this a very high honor! Thanks pal!